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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Seats: $150 per person

22 guests max




1314 NW Glisan St

Portland, OR 97209

Founded in 2003, Andina has emerged as one of the region’s leading Peruvian restaurants and continues to generate wide appeal within the food communities in and around Portland, as well as further afield. Andina draws inspiration from the native culinary traditions of Peru, as well as from the contemporary cooking of Peru’s leading chefs. Owner Doris Rodriguez de Platt collaborates with Andina’s kitchen team to develop a menu that celebrates her family’s Andean roots, interweaving the ideas and techniques of both Criollo and Novo-Andean cuisines.


As a cultural ambassador, Andina’s mission is to prepare both a table and a feast around which all guests can gather and find the warmth and richness of the Peruvian spirit in its truest forms. The dishes and flavors carry stories of their own; as do the music and art. Above all, the staff at large convey what is most essential about Peru: its profound hospitality, a delight in sharing its stories, and pride in presenting food born out of love.


Winery Partner

Soter Vineyards

Carlton, OR

Located on the 240 Mineral Springs Ranch in Carlton, Oregon, Soter Vineyards is comprised of 7.7 acres of Chardonnay and 32.5 acres of Pinot Noir. We produce our North Valley wines which are our regional blends, our Planet Oregon sustainably grown and sustainably priced Pinot Noir, and our Estate Pinot Noir and Brut Rosé.

At Soter Vineyards we farm our wine. These wines are a reflection of the intention to convey place as an essential character in everything we make. The combination of respectful farming, craftsmanship, ancient soils, and temperate climate, result in wines that are layered, nuanced and seductively captivating while remaining modest in alcohol and tannin.

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