Thursday, November 14, 2019


Seats: $150 per person

What to expect: 

Winemaker Dinners at Terrane Italian Kitchen always sell quickly - with its high-quality Italian-inspired cuisine and classy dining room. Cristom Vineyards wines will pair perfectly with their elegant, dynamic wines that are recognized globally for their unique blend of tradition, modernity and finesse.

Seating - 20 guests in the dining room


Terrane Italian Kitchen

1355 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97201

Featuring soulful, authentic Italian cuisine served three meals a day in a refined setting, Terrane Italian Kitchen & Bar tops the list of Italian restaurants in downtown Portland. We exemplify the endless bounty of the Pacific Northwest, with an open kitchen and grill taking center stage where glowing hearths pique the interest of those who relish a whiff of smoke and a little char in the food. You’ll love the balanced grill we produce, with fish, veggies, and meat all sharing equal spotlight.


Chef A.J. Voytko

Chef Voytko learned how to respect food and prepare it magnificently under the watchful eye of his mentor Chef Trey Foshee, his biggest culinary influence. Chef Voytko started his career off strong, as the recipient of the Youngest and Brightest Chef by Anthony Dias Blue and the Rising Star from James Beard Foundation. He was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for Food Network, and he was on the Travel Channel's Food Paradise. Chef Voytko is a passionate philanthropist, and he works with Unity Farms at the Oregon Food Bank and NoKidHungry. When he’s not preparing magic in the kitchen, he’s enjoying spending time with his family.

Winery Partner

Cristom Vineyards

Salem, OR

Daniel Estrin - Vineyard Manager and Co-Winemaker

Daniel Estrin comes to Cristom from Littorai Wines in Sonoma County where he served as Associate Winemaker for the last 7 years. He joins a long-tenured Cristom winemaking team which includes winegrower-proprietor Tom Gerrie and winemaker Steve Doerner.  

Second-generation winegrower-proprietor Tom Gerrie, winemaker Steve Doerner, Daniel Estrin vineyard manager and co-winemaker and our veteran vineyard team possess a combined 100+ years’ experience working this 239-acre estate in Oregon’s famed Eola-Amity Hills - 93 acres are currently planted. For almost 30 years, Cristom has crafted a style of winegrowing that's an honest interpretation of our distinguished terroir, reflecting the old-world influence of mentors such as Jacques Seysses of Domaine Dujac and Josh Jensen of Calera. Artisan winemaking techniques, including whole-cluster fermentations by native yeasts and a lack of filtration, are the hallmarks of Cristom's house style. Meticulous biodynamic farming practices, a non-interventionist philosophy that includes gravity flow, and enduring brand stability make this a winery with wines well-positioned to place on the finest wine lists and in the best wine shops in the world   




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