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Seats: $150 per person

What to expect: 

One of Portland's classic and most acclaimed restaurants pairs up with Washington state powerhouse winery Gramercy Cellars for a culinary experience you won't soon forget. Dine in Ringside's newly renovated private barrel room and enjoy a meal perfectly paired with Gramercy Cellars' Rhone and Bordeaux blends.

Seating - Private room for 22 guests


Ringside Steakhouse

2165 W. Burnside, Portland, OR 97210

Recognized as the leader in Portland steakhouses since 1944, RingSide Steakhouse has been serving our community for seven decades with the same family ownership. RingSide Steakhouse Uptown has been perfecting the steakhouse experience over the past 75 years. Newly renovated and set in a one-of-a-kind brick building in the Nob Hill section of Portland, Oregon, this venerable landmark has its own civic identity.

Chef Jonathan Gill

Consulting Chef Jonathan Gill has a long and well-traveled history as a chef. From working as a cook on an aircraft carrier in the Navy, to his time spent in Japan growing from a prep-cook to a lead cook at the Four Seasons Hotel in Marnouchi, to moving to New York to take on the role of sous chef at Marco Canora’s Michelin-starred Insieme. From New York, he found his way back to Japan where he developed the dining program at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo before finally coming back to the US and the West Coast where he took a job at Flour + Water in San Francisco before becoming the Chef de Cuisine at Park Tavern, SF.

In late 2015, Gill moved to Portland, Oregon to take the helm as Executive Chef of RingSide Fish House. Since the Fish House chose to sell their lease in late 2018, Jonathan spent his time helping to develop restaurants for suburban restaurant groups until finding his way back to RingSide Steakhouse where he currently resides as a consulting chef.

Winery Partner

Gramercy Cellars

Walla Walla, WA


Greg Harrington, with his wife, Pam, moved to Walla Walla in 2005 to make a specific kind of old-world-meets-new Rhône and Bordeaux varietals. Their goal was to leverage Greg’s background as a Master Sommelier for leading restauranteurs and the near perfect growing conditions near Walla Walla to create some of the best-reviewed wines from the region. The results are intense, yet restrained; elegant, yet earthy.


This kind of balance starts with the vineyards. The Walla Walla and surrounding AVAs offer the perfect climate and soil conditions for the kind of wines Greg wanted to make. Gramercy farms its grapes from old vines, carefully tended. It owns three estate vineyards, and controls several others, to ensure the grapes are grown and picked for the specific profile Gramercy is trying to achieve. Many of its wines—particularly its Rhônes—are single-vineyard estate wines.


At the winery, Greg and partner/co-winemaker Brandon Moss carefully design fermentation per the effect they are trying to achieve; sometimes in concrete, sometimes in oak, always with patience and minimalism. The result is honest and complex wines that pair well with food and age well. And get reviewed well!

Partner / Co-Winemaker Brandon Moss

Since joining Gramercy during the 2008 harvest, Brandon has worn the title of assistant winemaker,  partner in 2011, and Co-Winemaker as of 2014. Brandon grew up in the Walla Walla Valley on a small family farm, where his family cultivated plum trees.  They also raised a wide assortment of farm animals, from pigs to lambs to cows, and even a goat.


Opting to part ways with farm life, Brandon made his way to Oregon State University to enroll in the Pre Med program with aspirations to become a dentist. Having gone back summers to Walla Walla to work pea harvest as well as jobs in several vineyards he landed a job at Pepperbridge vineyard in the summer of 2005.  A summer immersed in the vineyard is all it took to be convinced to pursue other options in life.  So he switched his major to fermentation science intending to become a winemaker.  A move that put him squarely in the crosshairs of the farm life he had once had.  Brandon graduated from Oregon State University in 2006 with a degree in food science and fermentation science, with minors in business and chemistry.


After graduation, Brandon worked harvest on both the Willamette Valley in Oregon and Marlborough in New Zealand.  After returning home for what he thought to be a brief stay in Walla Walla, he fell in love with the emerging wine industry in the valley where he grew up.  Returning to his roots, Brandon developed a deep passion for the fantastic wines we can produce out of Walla Walla.




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