Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Tickets: $150 each

What to expect: 

The SE Wine Collective has been a long-time partner of Classic Wines Auction and always puts on a warm and welcoming Winemaker dinner in their barrel-lined dining room and tasting room space. The team from Hiyu Wine Farm and Smockshop Band Wines will share stories of their naturally farmed fruit and unique wines.

Seating - communal tables for 24 guests.


Oui! at SE Wine Collective

2425 SE 35th Place
Portland, OR 97214


The Southeast Wine Collective opened in August 2012, offering an authentic wine experience within metro Portland in the vibrant Division-Clinton neighborhood - an emerging hub for the area’s food and libations culture. Kate Norris and Tom Monroe founded the Collective as a unique multi-faceted urban winery that was designed to bring together like-minded winemakers that are sustainably growing their businesses by establishing a venue for commercial custom crush wine production.

Oui! Wine Bar + Restaurant offers visitors a chance to enjoy wines from the resident artisanal winemakers as well as inspirational wines from all over the New & Old World. The numerous wine offerings are complemented by Chef Althea Grey Potter’s ever changing seasonal menu.

Chef Althea Grey Potter


Althea has been a food enthusiast since she was very young. It is no surprise that the child of an artist and a chemist became a chef. Raised in rural Massachusetts by counter culture parents, as a small child she harvested fresh vegetables from the organic family garden with her parents and discovered the deliciousness of eating tomatoes warm from the sun and crisp snap peas right off the vine. 


After college, Althea couldn’t shake the desire to cook and decided to pursue her passion professionally. After working in artisan sandwiches, organic garlic farming, and catering in Massachusetts for a few years she bought a one-way ticket to Portland (sight unseen) and enrolled at the Oregon Culinary Institute.

Althea continues to be incredibly passionate about food, farms, cooking and wine. She especially loves charcuterie, seasonal vegetables, and the smell of fresh baguettes.

Winery Partner

Hiyu Wine Farm & Smockshop Band Wines

Hood River, OR

Founded by Nate Ready and China Tresemer , Hiyu is a 30 acre farm in the Hood River Valley. Guided by nature and inspired by ideas from biodynamics and permaculture they tend vines, raise animals, garden, cook and make wine to reveal an experience of place.

Smockshop Band is an exploration of the Columbia Gorge by the team at Hiyu Wine Farm. The Gorge contains a diverse range of landscapes within a small area. It was this multitude of potential places to make wine that drew them to the Gorge. They are working on developing relationships with growers and landowners who share their vision of farming. They now lease and farm twenty acres of land outside of Hiyu and purchase fruit from an additional few more. All of the vineyards are farmed naturally allowing access to the full spectrum of possible flavors from high-altitude, cool-climate sites on the western end of the Gorge to the more Mediterranean, dessert influenced sites to the east.

One of the Northwest’s Most Talented Winemakers Is Hiding Near Hood River

- Portland Monthly



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