A special brunch service

Saturday, November 16, 2019

10am - noon

Seats: $85 per person


Bistro Agnes

527 SW 12TH AVE

Bistro Agnes is steeped in the rich history of French cuisine, and is born of a desire to share that tradition with our Portland friends and family. Of course, as chefs, we will always play with our food. But here at Bistro Agnes, we find our inspiration in bringing cooking back to the basics, and we can’t wait to share these classic dishes with you.

The restaurant is named after Greg’s grandmother, a kindhearted woman who deeply influenced our ideas of hospitality. No one ever left Grandma Agnes’ table hungry; she welcomed everyone and made them part of her family.


We hope that through French cooking, we can bring you that same warmth, comfort, and good cheer reminiscent of what we’ve found in our favorite Parisian bistros. From the moment you walk in the door, we welcome you to joyously share in our culinary journey and passion.

Chefs and Co-Owners Gabi and Greg Denton

Winery Partner

Lemelson Vineyards

Carlton, OR

Lemelson Vineyards began as a dream — a dream to create a winery that celebrates innovation in technology, sustainability in agriculture, and tradition in winemaking. Eric Lemelson started Lemelson Vineyards with the intention of building something that would not only serve consumers, but also the longevity of the pristine state that he calls home. Utilizing organic farming methods and gravity flow production, they craft estate grown Pinot noir, Pinot gris, Chardonnay, and Riesling from some of the finest vineyards in the Willamette Valley. 

Ashley Campion - Assistant Winemaker

Ashley moved with her family to Portland, Oregon from California at the age of ten, and then out to Carlton in high school, just up the road from Lemelson Vineyards; her sister actually worked for Eric pulling weeds in the Stermer Vineyard after the first vines were planted.

Once in Carlton, she fell in love with the Willamette Valley. Growing up, Ashley often helped out at friends and neighbor’s wineries during harvest and shared many bottles of wine on many different dinner tables, quickly realizing just how special Oregon Pinot noir is.


In an effort to save the world, Ashley went to school for Political Science at Oregon State University and spent time studying and traveling throughout Europe. When she returned to Oregon, she found herself still drawn to the wine industry. Ashley helped out on the sorting line at Lemelson Vineyards in 2009 and was quickly hired on as a full-time intern by the Winemaker. She worked at Lemelson Vineyards on and off over the next two years.


After working at a variety of producers, including Shea Wine Cellars, Brittan and Winderlea Vineyards, and Patton Valley Vineyard, she has returned to Lemelson Vineyards in the role of Associate Winemaker. Ashley is thrilled to be back at Lemelson, where she first truly fell in love with wine and winemaking. She loves that she can make wine with great folks in a gravity flow winery with incredible and diverse vineyards and call it a job!


When Ashley is not making or drinking wine, she is often found with her head in a book, her hands in the garden or cooking and traveling with her wife.



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